Lifting Equipment InspectionLifting Equipment Inspection

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Quantum Skillup assures the right and safe operation of equipment by providing the necessary inspection to ensure proper operation and detection of deterioration to avoid health and safety risks. We offer a personalized digitalized management system to reduce inspection and certification time by 75%. Even in areas with no internet connection, our inspectors will still be able to generate a dynamic QR code sticker to deliver on-spot certified equipment. This tailored system helps keep track of the condition of every piece of equipment as well as send notifications on status changes, making it an effective and efficient way to keep all equipment in the proper working condition all the time. Inspections are delivered in accordance with MENA region standards, LEEA and LOLER. Quantum Skillup is qualified to work with most equipment and accessories.

We perform:

Lifting equipment and accessories management services.
Crane inspection, testing & certification.
Welding inspection and testing.
Specialized NDT services.
Preparing, submitting and managing inspection & certification reports.