Lifting Solutions & ConsultationLifting Solutions & Consultation

Lifting Consultancy

As a lifting contractor, Quantum Skillup act on behalf of its client. And to fulfil client expectations, our consultancy services are aim-driven by three main principles; quality, on-time delivery and client satisfaction for each and every one of our projects. As projects are getting bigger and more complex, the loads also get bigger and heavier thus complicated and extremely heavy loads need specialized equipment and planning to deliver a safe lift. A thoroughly integrated lifting plan and risk assessment will guarantee the reduction of both contract duration and costs. This is where our high-tech and qualified team strives together to oversee and secure a successful job at every stage of the operation to ensure your projects are HSE compliant and cost effective.

Consultation & Solutions Services

Lift Planning ( survey, supervision, calculations, selections, design and cranes renting )
Engineering solutions
On site coaching
Setting Lifting Manuals and SSOW
Technical Support
Accident Investigation
Monitoring, Supervision and Auditing

Commissioning and fixing of overhead cranes

Crane installation and commissioning is one of Quantum Skillup’s predominant and star services. With expertise and years of experience in overhead travelling crane installation & erection, our crane installation team is well-trained in rigging, mechanical adjustments and electrical terminations. All the crane installation and commissioning services meet the application standards and requirements ensuring the optimal overhead crane operation conditions and efficiency to make the best value out of your investment. We make sure your overhead cranes, new or old installed, is tested and certificated to pass inspection, before being put into work.